Shim Once, Move Once™

Tired of the never ending shim & move battle?...

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No Rough-In's or Pre-Alignment

Our competitors say to use a straight-edge?...

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Not Your Typical Display Box

Powered by Windows®, be more productive...

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No Worries, Peace of Mind

5-Year Warranty & free software updates for life...

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Patented Stealth Technology

Unique, fast, ultra-accurate & reliable...

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S-660 3-Axis Laser

The S-660 offers a high-tech… read more

S-670 3-Axis Laser

The Workhorse of The more

S-680 5-Axis Laser

When the Application and Tolerances…read more

Couple6 Software™

Innovative, Intuitive, Flexible, and more

Dual-Beam™ Technology vs. Cross-Fire Technology